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Google moves aggressively with encryption protection

In response to customer concerns over privacy and NSA access to email, Google has made the step to upgrade its encryption technology, reports NBC News this morning.

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Now it will be more difficult for the NSA, National Security Agency, in specific and all other attempts to breach cyber security on a Google email message. Google users will be able to send messages around the world in the Google network with more certainty of privacy.

In what is now called the Snowden era due to Edward Snowden, the former NSA contractor, who stole passwords from co-workers and stole files of various NSA activities, Google has boldly provided top level encryption for its customers' email. Certain reports showed that the NSA had secretly accessed into the main communications links that connect Yahoo and Google data centers throughout the world.

Google, executive chairman Eric Schmidt, stated last November that he was outraged over the practice, alluding to the NSA collection, when he blasted any breaches against security.

Some of the revelation that was made known to the public from the Snowden files released is that Yahoo and Google at that time sent internal networks to data warehouses at the NSA's Fort Meade, Md., headquarters. There were in 2013 over 425 million Google customers.

The sheer numbers of emails potentially available to the NSA sent shock waves throughout the US and the world. According to a report in the New York Times today, 'it’s clear to every single tech company that this is affecting their bottom line, said Daniel Castro, a senior analyst at the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation.

Twitter announced last November that it was now using an encryption system called, ‘Perfect Forward Secrecy’. This would scramble attempts to collect transmissions of its customers.

The effects of the lost privacy issue and data collection by the NSA continued as a thread through media and technology conferences. On Tuesday Larry Page, CEO Google, while speaking at TED conference in Vancouver said, ‘It is disappointing that the government secretly did this stuff and didn't tell us about it.’ He added, ‘It is not possible to have a democracy if we have to protect our users from the government. The government has done itself a tremendous disservice and we need to have a debate about it.’

‘Your email is important to you, and making sure it stays safe and always available is important to us, 'Nicolas Lidzborski, Gmail's security engineering lead, wrote in a blog post and assured that all Gmail messages a consumer sends or receives is encrypted.

What happens to the bad guys now that Google email is encrypted and protected? Chris Soghoian, a senior policy analyst at the American Civil Liberties Union states, ‘there are still ways for NSA to spy on the bad guys,’ Soghoian said. ‘But this will prevent them from spying on 500 million people at once.’

To find more about Google and activities to protect customers from spying view the list below in the Author’s suggestions and view the video atop this article from Digits and Google's statement on the NSA.

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