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Google may be expanding in Kitchener-Waterloo

Google new development office in Kitchener
Google new development office in Kitchener

There are several ways or descriptions that you can use to describe Google, but it is becoming more difficult to explain what the company actually does. Google was born more than a decade ago, and still retains the world’s biggest search-engine as the core of its operations, but is now is now much more than a search-engine. It has been described as technology company, and an advertising outfit. Although the majority of the revenue is derived from advertising, its reaches are much wider than we care to imagine. The company states that its mission is “to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful”.
The latest figures show that the company has more 70 offices in more than 40 countries around the world, and employed almost 44000 people.

The Canadian office was opened in 2011, in the Kitchener –Waterloo region, which lies about 100 kilometers west of the metropolitan city of Toronto. The region is rapidly developing into a high –tech hub, and is home to a lot of tech-start-ups. It is the same region where Canada’s most well known, and what was the country’s biggest technology company known as Research in Motion, which later became Blackberry was born.

Google’s office is housed in what was once a Tannery, which has been reclaimed and renovated to house various tech companies. There were rumors that have since been denied, that Facebook appeared to be making plans to move offices into the complex, but the latest rumor that has not yet been negated, is that Google is in the process of developing new office space in the area.

Some sources indicate that a new lease has already been signed, and there are plans to develop almost 200,000 square feet of office space, This is a major increase from the current development office, which is just 34000 square foot. The site, which is 100 years old, has been designated as a heritage site, which means that the edifice retains a certain amount of historical significance and reconstruction is limited.

Based on the average number of current employees per square foot in the high-tech district, the implication is that the Google office can be home to up to 1000 new employees. The proposed plans, if they are completed will provide an economic boost for the area, which also includes a rich talent pool from the nearby University of Waterloo. This may be one of the reasons why Google is placing a major bet on the region.When contacted, the Google spokesperson declined to offer any comment for this story.

In the short lifespan, Google has become recognized as one of most recognized brands in the world, and this has been achieved without major advertising expenses.
The irony does no go unnoticed, where a company derives the major component of its revenue from advertising, but does not advertise to any great extent. The major parts of the advertising programs and resources are offered to businesses and individuals, who promote their services and products. Third parties are also used to offer the virtual real-estate on which the ads are displayed.

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