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Google Maps spots possible drug deal in NJ

Big Brother is watching!
Big Brother is watching!
Courtesy of the NY Times via Google Street View & Reddit

On August 18, 2014, the New York Post ran a report of an image captured by Google Maps which seems to show a transaction between an alleged drug dealer and his loyal customer. A Reddit user named “Wowurdumb” posted the picture to his social media account after a playful day of using Google Maps to check out his old Camden, New Jersey stomping grounds. What he found was rather humorous although not very surprising.

A self-described ex-addict, Wowurdumb was not at all shocked to learn that the very same location where he used to purchase his own contraband was still a very popular hot spot. The Google Maps image shows two men exchanging what appears to be money and a bag of white powdery substance within clear view of the Google cameras. Even the face of the suspected drug dealer is very clearly visible, which can be quite embarrassing for the man in the photo.

Perhaps Wowurdumb was hoping that the neighborhood had cleaned up its act since his older days of drugs and debauchery, but Google Maps seems to prove otherwise.

Alien Base on the Surface of the Moon?

This latest New Jersey development comes on the heels of another article run by the London Daily Mirror on August 16, 2014. But the UK story centers on an eerie image found through the Google Moon software that seems to show an oddly shaped structure on the moon’s surface. The precision and shadowing of the photo is so crystal clear that there seems to be evidence of a large cavity space underneath the “alien moon base.” The Google Moon software works very much like Google Earth or Google Maps, even providing the ability to determine the precise moon coordinates of the structure.

Under the Sea with Google Maps?

And Google has even bigger plans for us in the very near future. According to another recent report issued by the Epoch Times on August 17, 2014, the Search Engine Giant is now in the final stages of experimentation with mapping out underwater images of several areas off the coastlines of the Florida Keys using special fisheye lens-enhanced digital technology. If all goes well, we may be able to see underwater images of coral reefs and sea creatures living and swimming in their natural habitats by as soon as next week.

No wonder Google is buying up software companies like crazy these days. The company’s recent acquisition of the digital app “Jetpac City Guides”, a photo analysis and image detection tool, is appearing to be a rather savvy business investment.

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