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Google Maps' Pokémon Challenge is not a joke.

On March 31st of 2014 Google released what seemed to be one of their classic nerdy April Fool's Day video.

The Google Maps Pokémon Challenge takes players around the world in search of 150 pokémon.
Aldo Gomez, from the iOS version of Google Maps.

The video gives us the promise of a 3D augmented reality pokémon catching quest in our world, add on top of that a chance to be hired at Google under the job title of 'Pokémon Master.'

While most of the video could be considered a hoax (and it probably is) there is some truth to the video. Players who have access to google maps on Android or iOS can open up the app, press search and an option to "Start the Pokémon Challenge" will be available.

Starting the challenge forces the map to close in on the Googleplex in California with a new icon reminiscent of Professor Oak's research lab. Right off the bat players can spot a Bulbasaur and Dragonite. Catching the pokémon is matter of tapping on their icon, pressing the catch button that pops up and calling it good.

The pokémon do nothing and there's no battle mechanics. There's a pokédex of 150 pokémon, but they're not the orginals of generation one, instead a mix of new and old from the six generations.

While the game starts you off in California, players are encouraged to search in famous cities and landmarks. I first started searching in Tokyo, Japan and was quickly rewarded with a Chatot.

At the time of writing, no one knows what the end game is after collecting the 150 featured pokémon.

Remember, Google Maps is available on the iOS and Android devices. This promotion may be available for only a few days if the video is accurate.

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