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Google Maps overrun with Pokemon for April Fool's Day: Dual Screen Nexus coming?

April Fool's Day is almost upon the world, and no-one will quite know what to believe on the big-time jokester day of the year. The Verge reported on March 31, 2014, that Google Maps is actually overrun with Pokemon for the fun holiday, and it is obvious all a joke, but the video brings about the question of a possible Dual Screen Nexus on the horizon.

Could there be a Dual Nexus coming?
Google Maps

Google has created a video that is starting to go viral and it shows Pokemon tied in with Google Maps.

Actually, it shows that Pokemon have been set free all around the world and you've got to use Google Maps to pardon, "catch 'em all."

The video shows users holding their smartphones out in front of them and it showing the "invisible" Pokemon in places where they appear on Google maps. Obviously this is a grand April Fool's Day prank because technology isn't quite that sophisticated yet.

Neither is life.

Still, users can "catch" the Pokemon directly in Google Maps. Zoom into particular areas around the world on the maps and you'll see some of the Nintendo creatures appear and you can catch them. If you have the time, take a chance at catching all 150 of them into your Pokedex.

Making things a bit more interesting is that the Google Maps Pokemon video shows a person using a Nexus 5 and it looks to be dual-screen. Sure, they could be holding up two phones at the same time, but a closer inspection makes it look like their is a hinge holding them together.

Could an April Fool's Day joke from Google Maps and Pokemon really be a cleverly-disguised advertisement?

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