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Google Maps has been keeping track of every single move you make

Has Google Maps gone a bit too far?
Has Google Maps gone a bit too far?
Google Maps

Some people worry about Big Brother (no, not the show) keeping an eye on them and technology tracking your every move, action, and aspect of your life. It seems like we are getting close to that every single day, and now it's coming from where you go and when. Junkee reported on Aug. 15, 2014, that Google Maps is tracking your every move, and now there is a website to show you just that.

Simply by having a Gmail account or using any of Google's apps and using a log-in, you are being tracked and tabs are being kept on you.

It's really simple to see where you've been, and it's by checking out the Google Location History and letting the map present itself by signing in.

The new Google Maps tracking system is watching exactly where you've been, but more so, where your smartphone is going. One thing is that you've got to have "Location Services" in the on position on your phone.

Business Inside reported that there are step-by-step instructions for turning off this Google Maps tracker, but chances are that it's already done a bit of recording already. No matter what, apps usually start working before you even realize what they are doing.

By the time arrives that you realize what an app actually does, it's already done its job.

The Google Maps tracker is kind of something that, like Facebook Messenger, may not really be worth than the information gathered by other apps. Still, logging into the actual website and seeing a lot of pinpoints and red lines showing your every waking move is kind of weird.

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