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Google Maps goes interstellar

The new Google Maps feature goes beyond Earth maps.
The new Google Maps feature goes beyond Earth maps.
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Google, always known for finding fun new ways to show off some of their newest technologies, has announced a very interesting addition to their Google Maps service. A new update has added the moon and the planet Mars to places that can now be perused using the Google Maps service.

Search Engine Land ran a story outlining this interesting new update to the service. This update to the service is meant to be more entertaining than useful, but it is also serving a commemorative use as well. This update to the Google Maps service coincides with the curiosity rover drone exploring the surface of Mars for the last few years.

This update to the Google Maps service was announced yesterday afternoon on the official Google Maps page on Google Plus, Google’s social media service. The official announcement can be viewed on the Google Plus page. Some of the comments seem to reflect that users are intrigued by the new update, although one was disappointed that driving directions were not yet available between some of the moon’s landmark craters.

Here is how to access the new service if you are curious about browsing the neighborhoods of the moon and planet Mars. First you need to access your local map on Google Maps. Then by clicking on the bottom left of the map you need to access the “Earth” option. Then you will need to zoom out as far as possible. You should see the options to explore the moon and planet Mars pop up along the bottom banner. Now you have the option to explore the red planet if you so desire.

One tip to note, you may need to expand the explorer to access this new feature. This can be accomplished by clicking the two small carrots or arrows in the bottom right. Once you have opened the menu, feel free to navigate your way from Mare Smythii to Mare Nectaris and everywhere in between!