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Google logo: St. Patrick's Day

Wearin' o the green
Wearin' o the green

Google shares special holidays, birthdays and other occasions by creating logos that reflect those special days. Today Google created a special logo for Saint Patrick's day.

Everyone seems to get in to the fun on St. Patrick's Day by at least wearing green or donning shamrocks. Others cook up some corned beef hash or go to a local restaurant and get some there. Yet others attend or take part in parades. St. Patrick's Day is not new. It was already celebrated in Europe by people of Irish descent in the ninth and tenth centuries.

St. Patrick's Day is a public holiday in Ireland and in a few other countries in that region. In the United States it is celebrated by many people but it's not a recognized holiday. In other parts of the world many people celebrate it by going to Irish pubs and keeping Irish traditions. At least for a day.

If you aren't sure how to celebrate St. Patrick's Day don't worry. You can find recipes, crafts and much more on's St. Patrick's Day page. And don't forget your green. Or you just might get pinched.

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