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Google is working on a self-driving car

Google is showing us that just about anything is possible in this high technology era as the firm works on developing a self-driving car. There is no steering wheel no brake pedal, no accelerator, and no park-forward-reverse in the Google car reported HITC on June 2, 2014. In the prototype it appears people can use a smartphone app to tell the car where they want to go.

Googles Lexus RX 450H Self Driving Car
Googles Lexus RX 450H Self Driving Car
Mark Wilson/Getty Images

The exciting new Google prototype vehicle is the first 100 percent self-driving, or autonomous car. This car of the future is completely self-driving. There is no steering wheel, no brake pedal, no accelerator to even search for. If your'e in the car you couldn’t drive it even if you wanted to.

In statements released to the public Google said it decided allowing a rider in the car to take over control of the car in an apparent emergency would simply increase the danger to the car and its riders. That's why Google removed the steering wheel, and other controls, so the passengers could not play any role in driving the car.

The Google car is equipped with a global positioning satellite feed and its radar, sensors and lasers are used to confirm its exact position on the map. The car’s sensors monitor everything which moves or is on the roads nearby for 600 feet or so in every direction. In this way the car will always avoid hitting another vehicle or a pedestrian. The Google car doesn't go faster than 25 miles per hour at this time. Google does not anticipate this car being used on the highways or in order to drive from one city to another.

Google will be looking for test drivers, or better said test passengers, for the new Google car by the end of this summer reports International Business Times. Google plans to build about 100 of these test vehicles over the summer and to get them on the road in some cities within a few years. Google looks at these dynamic little vehicles as "robo-taxis". California for a start already has plans to start giving licenses to self-driving cars, and so nobody knows for sure just how dramatically the Google car may change the way we get around.