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Google invites the best hackers of the world

Chromium Security Projects
Chromium Security Projects

Google has reportedly announced today that it will pay $2.7 million to anyone who is able to hack into Chrome OS.

Confidence has never been scarce at the Googleplex and can be seen invariably from the latest immodest announcement by Google. The idea is to find loopholes in the latest version of Chrome OS and make it a more robust, secure operating system.

At this year's Pwnium 4, which is to be held at the Canadian Security conference on March 12, researchers are allowed to choose between Intel or ARM powered laptops unlike last year where the only option was Intel. A participant who can take over the Chromebook user's OS through malicious web page can win a prize of $110,000 and if a participant can maintain control over the system after reboots, he or she wins a $150,000 payout until the total pool of $2.71828 million USD is exhausted.

Last year Google paid $40,000 to a creative hacker who goes by the alias “Pinkie Pie”, who was the contest’s sole participant. It was the first time Google had the contest for Chrome OS instead of the Chrome browser.

Facebook also supports a program which pays hackers to test the vulnerabilities in the social network's systems known as the "Bug Bounty".