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Whose photo is it really?
posted on Plenty of Fish

Google Images helped me “Out” a probable scammer by me inputting a man’s picture I met on POF into their Image Search. It came up with the man’s picture under a different name which was reported by a website I had never seen this site before, not only does it tell what other names are associated with a photo but what country it originated. I don’t know where they got the man’s photo (he may be a perfectly nice man) whose photo they “stole” from a Social media site but it is being used on a dating site.

Here is his POF posting and his two emails to me. See how they should raise red flags and you should read carefully.

POF gntilman 4/18/2014 10:15:17 AM Hello Beautiful, how are you doing? my name is Paul and you look so beautiful, nice smile and i like your hair and I will like to be a friend and I will appreciate it so much for you give me the privilege to get to know you better or if we can talk on phone here is my email…. (bigheartpaul) I will be looking forward to an email from you. Best Regards, Paul

Sent: Friday, April 18, 2014 9:38 AM
To: SassySandy
Subject: Hello from pof

Hello Sandy
How are you doing this lovely day..and I will appreciate it so much for you give me the privilege to get to know you better as you seem like that woman i would love to share those good and bad times of life with and also make you feel like that woman you have always wanted to be. I am a relaxed and more relaxed gentle man with lovely sense of humor and a great sense of sensitivity, open minded and fun to be with. I am looking for that special woman to grow old with, a soul mate, lover and a best friend. what do you do in your spare time? what are your likes and dislikes? How long have you been on your own for? What are you looking for in a relationship? what is your ideal man ?

I will be looking forward to read from you again Paul


To: ‘Paul Wxxdwxxxh’ bigheartpaul
Sent: Tue, Apr 22, 2014 4:32 pm
Subject: Hello from pof

Hi Paul,
Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner but I have a really diligent spam filter.
Thank you for your email. I will be happy to answer your questions.
I have been in Arizona this time (lived here 2 other times growing up) since 2005 after my divorce. I lived in WA state for 26 years, didn’t like it because it was too dreary. How long have you lived in Phoenix and what country are you from? How long were you married and when were you widowed?
I have two self-sufficient married children; my daughter in Seattle and son with my grandchildren live in Florida. Do you have children?
My spare time I like to travel, I go to Mexico twice a year for a couple of weeks with friends or family. Photography, reading and stained glass are hobbies. I also have a small business that I spend a little time with, mostly networking.

Are you retired? What did you do for an occupation?
As to what I am looking for in a relationship – long term and committed as I am not into one night stands. Communication is a necessity.
There is no such thing as an ideal man or woman. We all have different things to offer each other both good and bad. Regards, Sandy

(When I sent my email I already suspected he was a scammer but was curious what he had to say).

Sent: Tuesday, April 22, 2014 9:38 AM
To: SassySandy
Subject: Hello from pof

Good morning Sandy – I was very happy to read from you. I hope you had a good night rest? Funny saying about your diligent spam filter… I was married for a very long time.. until I lost my wife 9 years ago.. I have not seen my one daughter in over 7 years.. she is in Japan married with her kids.. the good thing is they are happy and thats what matters.. Now is the time for a fresh start..since moving in from Australia..I have been all by myself.. trying to settle .. now I think I want that woman.. we must have come across each others path for a reason and I am not letting go. I hope we can get what we least good friendship. Do you have a yahoo messenger? I would love if we do have time to chat on IM.. its a good way of communicating as it feels a bit more life..texting as well..will look forward to that. You have a nice day.

I am an oil mandate..I buy and sell crude oil. Its a drilling, hiring, loading and shipping process.. I have to travel to countries where you have crude oil as natural resources to get these product but first it must be as a result of ordered or contract winnings.I am half Australian and half American .. but well used to the Australia culture as that is where I lived most of my life.

I love to do a whole lot of things for fun..from indoors to outdoors.. to sports ..movies..dancing them.. its the kind of person I am.. I’m a bit old fashioned. I’m honest and up front as well. I don’t lie and don’t believe in keeping secrets. Trust is very important. . if I can’t trust you, it’s not worth it.
I love mingling and chatting away, like a typical man! I work hard and want to meet a woman for socializing and enjoying times like going the movies, romantic meals, cuddling up and watching DVDs. Im not a shy, introverted man but Im not an extroverted type of guy either that has to show off. Im somewhere in the middle – confident and a little cheeky!

I’m not into multi-dating! I do not date more than one person. I’m pretty secure with myself and know what I want. I want one person who I can talk to, who will call me during the day to just say hi, laugh with me, have dinner with me, just someone to enjoy time with. Someone who wants to spend time with you have a yahoo messenger? we could try to IM and get to know each other better.. will look forward to hearing from you again soon. Hugs, Paul

So aside from the grammatical inconsistencies do you notice how awkward the email reads, it shouldn’t be that way since as far as I know Australians speak English as their primary language.

I DO NOT do “IM”, I would rather Skype so I can see “LIVE” who I am talking to (Thank You Nev from "Catfish" on MTV). If they have a computer to send emails then you can Skype or live video chat with a camera. Besides, if you think you click via email there is always the TELEPHONE where you get a better idea of a person’s personality, then there is actually a real live date. My personal experience is that the kind of man I would want to meet doesn’t go “trolling” IM sites especially Yahoo where I have found the most questionable men; who are either widowed with a 7 year old or teenage child, who is looking for the next “love” of his life and Mother for his child. I will admit I have an AARP card and have no plans to raise another child, been there done that and did it quite well since I have two fantastic adult children.

The other type of man who is into “IM” is usually only trying to kill time because he doesn’t have a date or just “window shopping” and not serious about a relationship. In this day of unlimited mobile calling minutes and Skype why get cramped fingers ‘IMing”?

What would happen if I told him I wanted to meet him tomorrow since I am going on vacation next week and he sounds like such an interesting man? Would he be able to meet me? What if I told him my business does background checks? Do you think it would matter? Most of all never send MONEY to anyone for any reason!

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