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Google I/O 2014 schedule released ahead of June event

Google I/O 2014
Google I/O 2014
Google Press Release

Google Fan's around the globe can now see what the search engine giant has in store for the company's annual I/O conference, thanks to the tech giant releasing the schedule for the upcoming event today (May 16th 2014). This year Google are going along with the 'less is more' mantra and has opted to have just one major keynote that will be just two hours long, unlike last years keynote that seemed to go on forever.

After looking at the schedule it is hard to make out any spoilers for this years event. There have been rumors flying around for a few months that Google would be releasing an updated Google/Android TV, but looking through the schedule there is no mention of such a device.

The 'What's New in Android' session will no doubt be the hit of the show, as Google are expected to announce the latest version of its popular mobile OS. Many are hoping that the new announcement will be to showcase Android 5.0 rather than another small incremental update such as Android 4.5. Along with this session you will also find sessions listed for Android Wear (think Google branded smartwatches and Google Glass), a new Google camera API, Chromecast and many other interesting sessions such as Cross-Platform design and ART Runtime, all of which should make for interesting news.

You can find the official schedule for the 2014 Google I/O Event here. The event will be held in San Francisco next month starting on June 25th and ending on June 26th.

Source: Google I/O