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Google honors Harriet Tubman: Nick Cannon upset over Google's doodle

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According to TMZ on Feb. 4, the “Google Doodle” of Harriet Tubman for Black History Month wasn't removed because of Nick Cannon's comments about the depiction of a slave in a doodle.

Google usually shows a doodle to celebrate historical figures and events for one day only. The removal of the "Google Doodle" of Tubman would have been taken place after 24 hours even if Cannon hasn't complained.

Google's intent for the doodle of Tubman was to be a declaration of pride. However, outrage spread across the internet as people began sharing the image. But it was Nick Cannon’s Instagram of outrage that gained the most attention.

Cannon wrote:

“Really Google??? This is the way we are kicking off Black History Month. #UndergroundSearchEngine #WhoApprovedThis #WhySheRockingALouieVscarf #AmIJustBeingSensitive #FeelingSomeTypeOfWay #RacistMuch”

TMZ reports that Google does not believe it did anything wrong. Google also emphasized that it did not remove Harriet Tubman from their "Google Doodle" early because of Cannon's backlash or because of social media outburst. The Tubman image stayed up for the 24-hour period just like all doodles.

Harriet Tubman was a Civil War abolitionist credited with rescuing more than 300 slaves via the Underground Railroad after she escaped from slavery and began living as a free woman in Philadelphia in 1849.

Were you offended or proud of Harriet Tubman’s Google Doodle?