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Google honors Cesar Chavez instead of bunny on Easter -- conservatives go crazy

Google Honors Cesar Chavez
Google Honors Cesar Chavez

The Internet is aglow with angry tweets and blog posts by conservatives blasting Google for its Easter Sunday commemoration of labor icon Cesar Chavez’ birthday, rather than featuring a traditional Easter image.

Although Google often modifies its logo in recognition of holidays and other events, the popular search engine hasn’t featured an Easter modification since 2001. Apparently, that doesn’t matter to the tweeters -- it seems to be the Cesar Chavez part of the story that has led to the winger tweet-fest.

Cesar Chavez

Cesar Estrada Chavez, born March 31, 1927, made labor history during the 60s when he founded the United Farm Workers (UFW). With tireless work, single-minded determination and a commitment to nonviolence, Chavez took the union from just a few Delano, California grape pickers in 1962 to 50,000 members by 1970.

Along the way, Chavez and the UFW dramatically improved the lives of the men and women who harvest America’s food -- and, of course, became a symbol of all that is evil and dark in this world to conservatives.

Leftists Over Tradition

A post by Ben Shapiro at characterized Chavez as a “cult figure in California” and pointed out that the outrage was “not the first time Google has chosen to honor leftists over tradition.”

Glenn Beck tweeted, “Cool for Google to not celebrate Easter but really?!!? HAPPY Caesar Chavez day everybody! #HELIVES!”

Lesser known but equally outraged conservatives tweeted, “Wow. Congrats Google, you've managed to alienate all Christians in America today: instead of celebrating Christ, they celebrate Cesar Chavez”

...and the pithy “Better a dead lefty, them a risen Lord.”


Shapiro may have erred a bit by calling Presidential Medal of Freedom winner Chavez, a “cult figure” and the other tweeters may sound a little hysterical -- but at least they understood Google was honoring Cesar Chavez the farm worker guy -- not Hugo Chavez, the late president of Venezuela guy, as a number of other very angry and confused tweeters did.

“Google can't celebrate Easter but can celebrate a dictator's birthday?!” wrote one irate-but-very addled tweeter, who not only confused the two Chavez-es, but called the democratically elected Hugo Chavez a dictator.

Fox News host Dana Perino’s tweet seemed to place her in the ranks of the confused, as well. “I thought the Chavez-google thing was a hoax or an early April Fool’s Day prank…are they just going to leave that up there all day?” tweeted Perino.

According to, even seemingly astute political observer Michelle Malkin’s website made the same mistake.

Way to Go, Google!

In the mid 60s my church youth group visited the farm workers in Delano. To this day, I have a vivid recollection of the hovels -- the glorified lean-tos -- the workers and their families had to live in. I remember my 11-year-old, middle-class brain having a hard time making sense of what I was seeing. How could people who worked so hard, I wondered, live so wretchedly? It made no sense. A few years later I learned about greed and the mystery was solved.

Cesar Chavez was an American hero who opposed that greed fiercely and effectively until his death in 1993.

To the tweeters of the right, who believe honoring a man dedicated to nonviolence and helping the poor is inappropriate for Easter, I say, really?

To Google, I say, way to Go!


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