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Google Glass VIP invites offered to Google Play All Access subscribers

Google Play All Access users, you’ve got an exciting opportunity coming your way. According to the Sydney Morning Herald on Jan 2. Google is further expanding their group of Explorers by inviting those with All Access accounts to order the wearable tech.

Google Glass offered to Google Play All Access subscribers
Flickr Creative Commons, giuseppe.costantino

All Access is Google’s music subscription service. The invitations sent to All Access subscribers coincides with the launch of the Google Play Music app on the device. Subscriptions run $9.99 per month for users to stream music via internet on their devices.

Glass has also been updated to allow users to use voice commands to listen to music. The device will respond to the command, “Ok Glass, listen to…” The update also include earbuds that have been designed just for Google Glass.

Those who are part of the Explorer program now include those who attended I/O in June 2012, those who could write a compelling reason to have one and it then expanded to friends of users earlier this year.

It appears as though Google is trying to get as many people trying the device at its $1,500 price tag as possible. With the now-rumoured $600 device coming out this year, would you still buy the device now? Do you think there’s anyone left who wants the device and has yet to get one?

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