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Google Glass proves very useful when driving

On Friday, Information Week called Google Glass "obsolete." We ran an article last week that claimed Google Glass could be the biggest technology gimmick ever. However, after testing it for more than a week, we definitely see some of its advantages, especially when driving.

Google Glass isn't so obsolete after all
LA Gadgets Examiner

If used responsibly, Google Glass could be an incredible driving assistant. Even with loud background noise, it recognizes your voice when you say, "Okay, Glass--get directions to 24 Hour Fitness in Sherman Oaks." In the upper right corner of your eye, you see guided directions that only flash when you are about to make a turn. It doesn't take your attention off the road at all. You can also hear the guided voice directions even when listening to your radio.

We have also found situations where we need to respond to people who have texted us. The message, once again, appears on the upper right corner of your eye. All you have to do is tap the glass, speak your response, and your text reply is sent. There hasn't been one single time where our words weren't recognized correctly.

One can argue that answering texts and viewing directions are harmful when driving; they will take away attention from the road and cause accidents. However, the reality is that people are doing this all the time. Google Glass has invented an unobtrusive way of doing this, so it makes it a lot less harmful. Perhaps, Google Glass isn't so obsolete after all.

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