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Google Glass one-day sale is in full swing today, but only while supplies last

Google Glass is offering a one-day sale today!
Google Glass is offering a one-day sale today!

Google Glass is having a one-day sale today, Tuesday, April 15. If you pride yourself as the cutting-edge type, who has to have the latest technology before just about anyone else on the block, then Google Glass can be yours, according to PC World on April 15.

This Google Glass one-day offer is open to anyone who is willing to shell out the $1,500 that Google has attached to their newest product's sale price today. Just yesterday the people from Google announced the new features of Google Glass ahead of its one day sale.

The sale started at 6 a.m. on Tuesday morning and supplies are limited. At $1,500, the price is just steep enough so many of the average Joe’s won’t be able to part with this kind of money for something that is still in its early stages.

The “prove you deserve it” restriction has been lifted on the Google Glass for this one-day sale. This was something that was attached to the purchase when Google Glass was first offered to developers. According to PC World, the improvements to Glass are:

“An upgrade to the KitKat version of Android will grant longer battery life, improve system reliability, and pave the way for easier future updates—along with the latest app development tools for coders.”

According to CNET News today, while Google is adding things it is also taking away one of the features that might be missed by about the 10 percent of the users, who are actually using the video calling feature. While that one feature is gone, Glass has added more than it has taken away, making it worth checking out.

The people who use the Glass will see two new photo features. You can organize all your images with a new photo building feature. You can organize the images, videos and vignettes by the dates that you shot them. This paves the way for less clutter in your timeline. Photo replies can now be sent to Hangouts and you can respond to text messages with images along with the words.

Voice command improvements have gained some intelligence to the way the commands surface in the UI. This will now sort the voice commands like “get directions” and “take a picture” by most recent and by the frequency of the command. This was done to shorten the time that the Glass users will need to use in the menu.

The latest Glass update does away with the video calling feature, mentioned above. It won't upset too many folks as Google reports that it is only used by about 10 percent of the users today. The reason for ousting this feature is that Google has high standards and this feature isn’t functioning up to those standards. If you can’t get your hands on the $1,500 today, don’t sweat it, Google will release Google Glass to the public sometime this year, so start saving up!

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