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Google Glass now sports prescription lenses plus new apps at CES

Rochester Optical announced on Jan. 6 in International Business Times that they have a clip-on insert that allows people to attach prescription lenses to Google Glass. The Rochester lenses have prices that sound like U.S. opticians pricing: $99 for regular lenses, $129 for bi-focals. These are designed to work with Google Glass and take into account the fact that the wearer needs to look up and to the right to see the information Google Glass is providing. Rochester is launching the product at CES in Las Vegas.

Google Glass made a big splash on Diane Von Furstenberg's models in New York during Fashion Week, Sept. 2012.
Photos by Frazer Harrison, Getty Images.
Actor Kunal Nayyar is famous in the U.S. for his portrayal of a PhD physicist who has difficulty talking to women. Nayyar actually holds a masters degree in fine arts from Temple University and is married to Neha Kapur, who was Miss India of 2006.
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Car and Driver reported on Jan. 6 that south Korean auto manufacturer Hyundai is following in Mercedes-Benz's footsteps and offering a Google Glass interface in upcoming Hyundai models. They're launching at CES, too.

Another new Google Glass-related product has shown up for a CES launch: an interface to an exercise treadmill by Technogym, featured on, Jan 6. People can use voice commands via Google Glass to operate the treadmill, instead of pressing treadmill buttons for speeding up and slowing down.

To keep the news juices flowing, Gizmodo reported on Jan. 5 that a couple of the people in the exclusive Google Glass Explorers group came out with Glass stories in recent days that are less glowing than we usually see. The Explorers are the people that pioneered the use of Google Glass. Rob Honan of Wird reported that wearing Google Glass feels awkward and vocal Glass user Robert Scoble, the man who guessed that Best Buy might sell Google glass for $300 each, stated that although he likes Google Glass, it's clear the product isn't ready for mass consumption in 2014.

The video attached to this article points out that Google Glass is good for translating sign language and also covers the value of having map-base instructions available at eye level. Others have pointed out the value of Google Glass for translation of foreign languages: Google Glass can translate written communications for the wearer. Imagine the value of that capability.

It's clear that the capabilities that Google does best, such as web search, maps-to-directions, and language translation, offer exciting potential for use on Google Glass. Whether or not Google Glass appeals to a mass audience, the technology to search the web, translate languages, and read maps is here to stay and will continue to be used as time passes.

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