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Google Glass: New hot item, to get stolen

Google Glass: New hot item, to get stolen
Google Glass: New hot item, to get stolen
Flickr/ Tedeytan

We are definitely entering into the age where technology will forever change our lives; in this case, wearing a computer on our faces. The evolution of eyeglasses is now something you would see in science fiction movies. Google Glass is a wearable computer with optical head-mounted display (OHMD). This headwear device displays information in a “smartphone-like” hands-free format with voice commands. So imagine walking down the street wearing these glasses and suddenly someone rips them off your face. Yes, people will now be stealing glasses from your face.

Today, CNET reports that a reporter was assaulted on the street of San Francisco just by wearing Google Glass. Business Insider reporter Kyle Russell was walking in the city's Mission District when someone walked toward Russell. It was reported that the woman had put his hand in Russell’s face and yells "Glass!" and ripped the device off his face.

"I ran after, through traffic, to the corner of the opposite block.” Russell said. “The person pivoted, shifting their weight to put all of their momentum into an overhand swing. The Google Glass smashed into the ground, and they ran in another direction."

Apparently it’s not very safe to wear Google glass in San Francisco due to anti-Google protesters plaguing the streets, but Russell feels that the woman is not connected with the protest group. Russell told yesterday that he thought the lady’s intention was only to steal the eyewear but instead she destroyed it.

"The tone of how she yelled 'Glass!' and the way she smashed Glass gave me the impression that its destruction was her intention, but my interpretation could be skewed by my place in the incident." Now the $1,500 device has no response to voice or touch after the incident. Russell now calls the device “unusable.”

Was it smart of him to wear such a product out on the streets that Friday evening? Russell feels it wasn’t a great idea after the incident. “In retrospect, I can see how that might not have been the best idea."

The same incident happened back in February of this year when a woman was wearing a Google Glass and she too was robbed … by wearing it to a bar?

Sarah Slocum who’s a contributor at Newsdap, arrived to a bar early Saturday morning and after entering the bar, she claimed she was verbally and physically attacked by the Google Glass haters. One of the assaulters snatched the device from her face, but she managed to recover it. However, Slocum’s purse and cellphone were stolen.

Remember what our parents use to say to us when we were kids. Never take your favorite toys to school … in this case, leave Google Glass at home or wear it when you arrive to work.

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