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Google Glass making inroads to automotive applications

Mobile devices play a role in tens of thousands of traffic accidents and fatalities each year. So it may come as no surprise that car manufacturers are looking to new technology for a way to provide greater benefits and reduce the dangers while driving. One of these technologies is the eyewearable device, Google Glass. Hyundai announced is working on ways to integrate Glass with the 2015 Genesis, which will be available this Spring. Hyundai is not saying that Glass will be useful while driving.

"As a leader in connected car technology, we're always exploring new ways to use technology to enhance the ownership experience for our customers," said Barry Ratzlaff, executive director of Customer Connect and Service Business Development at Hyundai Motor America in a prepared statement. "Wearables are a great way to extend the experience outside of the vehicle by leveraging these small screens to quickly access remote features and deliver timely vehicle information."

Hyundai spokesman Miles Johnson tole eWeek that remote features of the the 2015 Genesis will be enabled through a cloud-based platform called Blue Link. The platform will wirelessly connect Hyundai owners to Google Glass or other wearable devices. A Blue Link Glassware app is being developed to enable the connection between Glass and the Genesis vehicles, according to Johnson. "You can lock the doors, start the car or look for a destination and put that route into the car from Glass."

While Hyundai did not advocate the use of Blue Link Glassware app while driving, wearing Glass in the car has already made news. A Southern California driver wearing the device was ticketed for having a display in her field of vision. She was pulled over for speeding and later disputed the additional citation by pleading innocent in a court date. Whatever one thinks of using Glass, it may lead to greater situational awareness than constantly looking down to operate a handheld device.

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