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Google Glass is now for the masses

As of yesterday, according to the Google Glass blog Google Glass is now available to everyone with spare cash ($1500 to be precise) and the question on everyone’s mind is whether they should you go for it. Unfortunately there is less excitement at this news than you might think and the negatives of buying Glass may outweigh the positives.

Google Glass explorers
Photo by Michel Porro/Getty Images

The good? It is the first of its kind - a game changing wearable device. While there are some other alternatives they are either still in development (GlassUp has emails only), very expensive (Meta Pro), lack the same functionality (Epson Moverio BT-200 has to be tethered and is bulky) or still a rumor (Samsung’s Gear Glass). Google Glass is still the best wearable device with a vision beyond just wearable tech - in fact the very nature of the Explorer Program suggests that Google is trying to change the way an individual interacts with or experiences the world.

At the same time there are plenty of negatives. Google Glass gives you a La Forge look, which may not work even with hard core Trekkie fans. Any thought you may have of disconnecting from technology probably needs to be discarded if you get Glass, and let’s face it -- Glass is pretty pricey and probably out of most people’s reach. And until now, it was restricted to a select group of people.

Many are lukewarm about the wider release of Google Glass. This could be the result of its weaknesses combined with a marketing failure. While the marketing ploy of limiting supply may increase consumer desire, too much hype without delivering on the promises can dampen demand, specially when the product is still in beta. During the experimental phase, the Glass experience has not been all positive as Mashable and others have written. By the time Google comes up with a more fashionable Glass (Luxottica branded Google Glass will go on sale in 2015 according to, with fewer flaws, the market might become a whole lot more competitive. On the other hand if Google had opened up the beta to all, with a lower price and more communication about its limitations Glass may not have become as hyped as it did.

Google has done so much and introduced so many amazing things to the word, one failure may not matter in the long run. However it is sad that while it became what is is by opening things up (Google Search was accessible to all), it may now experience its first failure because Google initially tried to restrict Glass to just a few people.

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