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Google Glass has devices available for purchase for everyone today

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By now, we thought for sure Google would be ready to release the first Google Glass to the public. It looks like they are, but then again, they really aren’t. Google added one more step to their Google Explorer process by allowing anyone to become part of the program. However, you only have one day—today—to make the pruchase. What this means is that anyone at all can become a Google Explorer if they buy Google Glass today, for the Google Explorer price of $1,500. So if you wanted to be given an invite into the Google Explorer circle but it never happened, now’s your time to shine.

Google Glass is open for purchase without an invite today only
Flickr Creative Commons, Giuseppe Constantino

With today’s purchase of the device comes an updated Google Glass. Yesterday, Google updated the device so that now the battery will last longer and there will be stability improvements. The sale is for today only, but it seems unspecified how many devices are actually available and what the start and cut off times are for the sale

So after the device has been around for about a year in its Explorer phase, who really wants Google glass that doesn’t already have it? The last of the early adopters, I suppose. Mercury News reports that 10,000 people already have become Google Glass Explorers before today. How can there really be that many more “early adopters?”

Google has made this such a long process to get to the actual commercial release of Google Glass that there really can’t be any early adopters left at this point. The people who wanted it likely have it by now, and those who were just curious enough about it,—and happen to have a spare $1,500—will probably be the ones taking advantage of today’s deal. That is, they’ll buy it only if they're not scared off by reports of people facing hostilities over the device.

Are you buying Google Glass today or are you still holding out for the rumored lower-cost full consumer rollout?

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