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Google Glass driver court: Ticket over wearing Google Glass in car case begins

A Google Glass driver court battle is coming to a head this week as the trial over a motorist in California — who was driving a car while wearing Google Glass, pulled over for speeding, and then given an additional ticket — begins her trial. Driver Cecilia Abadie pleaded not guilty last year to the charge in the controversial case. MSN News discusses both sides of the story this Thursday, Jan. 16, 2014, on this new potential risk while operating a vehicle.

Google Glass driver court: Ticket over wearing Google Glass in car case begins
The Wiz Nation, Photo File

The Google Glass driver court case began in San Diego when a woman was handed a ticket by a policeman for driving and wearing her Google Glass at the same time. A new technological device, Google Glass is essentially a miniscule computer set into an eyeglass frame. Cecilia will appear in traffic court this Thursday, while the incident prompts a variety of questions over the legality of driving while wearing this possibly distracting instrument.

Cecilia Abadie was one of the select few individuals lucky enough to test the entrepreneurial technology from Google Inc., and was pulled over on a speeding charge back in Oct. 2013 by an officer of the California Highway Patrol. She was also given a citation for utilizing a type of “monitor” while driving in her car, posing a distraction risk.

Abadie took to Google Plus to share her shocked news of getting a ticket and the upcoming Google Glass driver court incident.

"A cop just stopped me and gave me a ticket for wearing Google Glass while driving!" she wrote shortly afterwards.

The woman stands as the very first individual who was cited for wearing the Google Glass while also operating a vehicle.

“The instrument itself, which projects a small screen in the corner of a wearer's eye, is expected to become a major catalyst for what many believe to be the next big trend in mobile, wearable computing devices. Developers are already crafting apps to try to position themselves if the devices, which can be voice- or motion-activated, prove popular with consumers.”

Google Glass has not yet become possible to buy on the general market quite yet, though the company has again tested people to try out the incredible device.

Abadie will make her official appearance in a San Diego Court later today, where her unique case and trial over having a Google Glass on while driving — one again in which she pleaded not guilty to — will be left to a judge’s decision.

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