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Google Glass could improve everyday duties of police officers

Google Glass might not have been designed with police officers in mind, but in the coming year police departments will be trying out more and more wearable tech. According to CNBC on Jan. 7, software developers have begun to show off just how Glass can work to officers’ benefits at the 2013 International Association of Chiefs of Police conference.

Google Glass could benefit police officers
Flickr Creative Commons, lawrencegs

Glass could allow officers to stream and record video of car stops, receive an alert when officers are entering an area with a terrorist location, or perhaps a crack house. The officers could also access arrest histories, photos and addresses in the eye display. This kind of technology could be incredibly important for officers and those who encounter police in terms of safety and for courtroom use.

By allowing officers to take a recording of every interaction, there could be more transparency during cop-citizen interactions that won’t rely so much on the verbal accounts that get relayed after the interaction. Though officers often do wear on-body cameras, Google Glass and similar devices could better direct a camera and capture what the officer is looking at.

CopTrax, which developed the video and GPS tracking solutions and collaborated with Georgia Tech engineers to make this software on Google Glass, gave two officers in Byron, Ga. Glass to see how Glass could factor into their day-to-day. Presently, only those who are part of the Explorer program are given access to the tech, so the company has limited access to the devices.

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