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Google glass could be the biggest technology gimmick ever

On Monday morning, it was announced that the Smithsonian Natural Portrait Gallery showed a fascinating Google Glass exhibit. This is one of the many Google Glass exhibits you will see up until the official release of Google Glass, which we hear be available this summer.

Google Glass Explorer Edition 2
National Gadgets Examiner

We got our hands on the Google Glass Explorer Edition 2 recently and have been trying to decide if this is groundbreaking technology or a the biggest technology gimmick of the century. It's actually a combination of both. However, we can see this type of technology eventually going mainstream.

Setting the Google Glass up with our Galaxy Note 3 was actually pretty easy. However, we found the interface a little confusing and although the voice recognition was good, it wasn't great. Perhaps, by the time of the official release, the voice recognition feature will be perfected. In fact, a lot of other features may be perfected. It's important to note that this is a review of a beta product.

Still, some features are very useful, such as driving directions. Having a 3D map guide you out of the corner of your eye is very helpful. It's hard to explain, but the Google Glass displays directions in a way that doesn't take your attention off the road. Now, if you start watching YouTube clips while taking pictures, there could be a problem.

Speaking of taking pictures, the camera is another useful feature. Google Glass takes pictures at the blink of an eye. The 5MP pictures are good, but not great. Still, we were able to get pictures of car accidents and other things that we wouldn't have been fast enough to get if we didn't have our Glass. There is no wink feature to take videos yet, but all you have to do is click a button by the lens for about a second. The 720p videos we took looked good, but were obviously shaky. This version of Google Glass doesn't have a video stabilizer yet.


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