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Google Glass-controlled treadmill to premiere at CES 2014

Not many people set out to run while wearing glasses, but one company's aiming to change that. This week at the Consumer Electronics Show, a treadmill controlled by Google Glass will be debuted as the first treadmill of its kind.

Technogym's unity console

According to The Telegraph on Monday, Technogym has created the treadmill, which allows the user to give voice commands to Glass to control the speed. The device will also show the runner their running stats and communicate with a personal trainer via a webcam.

The treadmill also incorporates an Android 4.0 tablet into the equipment. The tablet uses Google Maps to simulate outdoor routes, which it has always done, but it will now use a platform known as Unity to bring new and old tech together.

Using Unity for cardio training equipment, a user can upload all of their performance information and keep track of their progress over time. All data is stored in a my wellness cloud, which allows for data to be tracked.

Each runner can also customize their running experience by downloading running apps link their favorite entertainment apps to sync with Unity as play over Google glass.

The treadmill has only been pre-announced, so it actually hasn’t shown up at the showcase yet. Indoor runners will likely rejoice at the opportunity for a hands-free running experience but it remains to be seen how well glass will stay in place during vigorous cardio.

If these devices end up at public gyms, it will definitely make for an interesting display to see people wearing glasses talking to their treadmills. That image alone might scare people off from trying it.

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