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Google Glass adds another camera angle for CBS Super Bowl coverage

Google Glass going mainstream with Super Bowl coverage
Google Glass going mainstream with Super Bowl coverage
Photo by Mathew Sumner/Getty Images

During CBS Super Bowl coverage you will have a glimpse of the future. Google Glass will be used to give a different, more personal perspective to the coverage of sports commentator John Kucko, a New York-based reporter and sports anchor at WROC-TV, Rochester, a CBS affiliate. Forbes is reporting that Kucko will use the camera onboard Glass to broadcast from the pre-game festivities and interviews as well as the big game itself.

The Glass feed will deliver new sights and sounds on the TV screens of more than 100 million TV viewers who tune in for the Super Bowl. "Google Glass will provide viewers with a perspective of the greatest spectacle in sports that they have never seen or experienced before," said Kucko. "To have this first person technology will be invaluable in my day-to-day coverage of football's grandest game."

Rochester Optical, the company that developed prescription lenses for Glass, has reportedly been working with Kucko to ensure the coverage will go smoothly. "It's time people see the positive aspects of Google Glass and there couldn't be a larger public stage to do that on than the Super Bowl," said Rochester Optical's Tim Moore. "It's like putting on a football helmet in your living room and experiencing the game in a way that, until recently, was unimaginable."

Glass has been getting a great deal of negative press--mostly from those who have never used the device. But Super Bowl exposure will take it mainstream in a new way. If the broadcast indeed lends a new experience to viewers, it could ingratiate a new generation of TV viewers to Google's eyewearable device. That will come as welcome news to many Glass adopters who think that the criticisms and tales of Glass' demise are greatly exaggerated. Certainly, with its branding and advertising power, the Super Bowl is the place to make a splash. Slated to launch this year, Glass can make a big splash indeed.