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Google Fiber Coming to Charlotte?

Google Fiber, which is a data network that provides access speeds up to 1,000 Mbps, is reportedly on its way to Charlotte, North Carolina where residents will now be able to access Internet speeds up to 100 times faster than basic broadband systems. Google recently announced its decision to launch Google Fiber in Charlotte after piloting its fiber-optic network in Kansas City. The news that Google Fiber is coming to Charlotte was accompanied by thirty-four other cities. Residents will be able to choose from three different internet options that come accompanied with one terabyte of Google Drive service.

During its first city selection process over 1,000 communities applied to be the first recipients of the service. Google Fiber was first launched in Kansas City, where they found that affluent neighborhoods had access to faster service and those in poorer neighborhoods did not even have access to the Internet. The company promoted its Google Fiber service and provided micro-grants to community organizations in order to build digital literacy in the area. The project not only helped to increase Internet speeds, but also provided Internet access for those who are often marginalized from technology.

Google Fiber has the potential of creating a more competitive market for broadband providers in the Charlotte area. The affordable and efficient technology has the potential to pressure broadband providers to lower prices and increase internet speeds for consumers. In addition, the construction of a Google Fiber optic network has the potential to increase construction in the area. Competitors have attempted to block google out of the broadband market; however, the company has found ways around competitive hurdles. The company is currently focusing its efforts in the Charlotte metro area and reserving potential to expand into surrounding communities.

Construction for Google Fiber not only involves new in-home systems, like DVRs, but it also requires construction of utility poles, as well as water and gas lines. The presence of Google Fiber has the potential to increase Charlotte’s capacity to support the technological industry. Google officials have expressed excitement in Charlotte due to the presence of entrepreneurs and emerging business sector.

For residents, Google Fiber will not only provide faster Internet services, but users also have the ability to receive up to 200 high-definition TV channels. The technology also provides no-waiting downloads and uploads of big graphics, photos, videos, and other large files that currently stress broadband and cable networks. Currently, basic broadband generates speed of about 10 to 20 Mbps, whereas Google Fiber offers speeds that will dramatically increase the speed of data usage.

The company is currently working with city leaders to ensure that the construction process does not bring up a series of unmitigated controversies. The construction of a new fiber-optic network is an extensive process, so Google is making sure that it has the approval of both city officials and residents. Once the construction of Google Fiber is completed, residents will be able to access faster internet speeds for all of their personal and professional needs.

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