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Google, Facebook offices overwhelmingly white males

A new diversity report entitled “Making Google a workplace for everyone” shows that Google’s staff is overwhelmingly composed of white males. This has many in the civil rights activists and racial groups questioning as to why the technology company doesn’t have enough diversity in its field.

According to an internal investigation, the search engine juggernaut’s overall staff is 70 percent male, 61 percent Caucasian, 30 percent Asian, three percent Hispanic and two percent black. Meanwhile, its technology staff is 83 percent male and its leadership is 79 percent male and 72 percent white.

Google stated in its report that it is not pleased with these figures and noted that it’s pretty difficult to address these statistics without releasing them openly and having an honest discussion.

“All of our efforts, including going public with these numbers, are designed to help us recruit and develop the world's most talented and diverse people," Google said in a statement after posting the report.

According to a 2013 company filing, Google had 47,756 full-time employees at the end of last year: 18,593 in research and development, 15,348 in sales and marketing, 6,563 in general and administrative and 7,252 in operations.

“Our goal is to create an environment where every Googler can thrive. We check and recheck our people processes, evaluating opportunities to ensure fairness and equity in all things that impact Googlers. For example, we took action when we saw that women in tech were less likely to self-nominate for promotions,” Google stated in the report.

Jesse Jackson, a former presidential candidate and renowned civil rights activist, appeared at a shareholders meeting at both Facebook and Google and stressed how important it is for technology firms in the United States to hire minorities. He added that Google and other tech companies should release diversity data.

“Silicon Valley has a long way to go," Jackson said at the Google meeting. "If Google can build cars that can drive themselves, it can certainly build a pipeline to bring African-Americans and Latinos ... into this changing technology world."

The Census Bureau has found that the overall U.S. population, which is more than 325 million, is roughly 63 percent white, 17 percent Hispanic, 13 percent black and five percent Asian.

Despite the outcry that some sects of societies have purported, there are some out there that are asking the question: so what?

Critics of these kinds of reports as well as affirmative action argue that companies should hire workers based on merit, skills and education rather than what color of skin they have or what gender they are. Rather than focusing on being politically correct and caving into the demands of individuals like Jackson, firms should instead spend their time producing better products, expanding their company and maintaining a workforce that can improve tomorrow.

Thomas Sowell, an economist and bestselling author of “Intellectuals and Race” and “Basic Economics: A Common Sense Guide to the Economy,” wrote in the National Review last year:

“To ask whether institutions that promote diversity 24/7 end up with better or worse relations between the races than institutions that pay no attention to it is only to get yourself regarded as a bad person. To cite hard evidence that places obsessed with diversity have worse race relations is to risk getting yourself labeled an incorrigible racist. Free thinking is not free.”

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