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Google executive murder: Escort behind bars for his death

Alix Catherine Tichelman
Alix Catherine Tichelman
Santa Cruz police department

New information is coming out in the murder of a Google executive. On Wednesday, USA Today shared the news about an arrest that was made in the big murder of Forrest Timothy Hayes. Alix Tichelman is now being charged in his shocking death. Reports are that the escort actually injected him with heroin which lead to his death. She is being held on $1.5 million bond and will appear in court again next week.

Forrest Timothy Hayes was found on a yacht after dying the night before. Police were able to look up footage on the security camera and see him going through difficulties from the heroin. Tichelman didn't try to help him though. She saw that there was something going on with them. Then she decided to get all of her stuff together and leave him on the yacht to die instead of helping him or calling 911.

This shocking tape shows her getting her items, even drinking a glass of wine and then leaving the boat. It is shocking that she didn't feel the need to reach out and help him but she just acted like it was not a big deal at all. Reports are that she actually knew Hayes and this was not the first time that she was his escort. You would think that would cause her to have feelings for him but it didn't seem to matter.

Washington Post shared a bit more about Forrest Timothy Hayes. He was the father of five children. He worked at Google X and nobody there seems to have a bad thing to say about him. They just didn't all know that he would meet up with escorts and do drugs after work.

He actually died right before Thanksgiving last year. Alix Tichelman is being charged with second-degree murder, destruction of evidence and transporting and providing narcotics. She is even being looked into for another murder at this time for someone who died in a similar way.