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Google executive murder arrest: $1000 Prostitute injected lethal heroin dose

Prostitute arrested for the manslaughter of a Google exec. Video shows woman injecting fatal dose of heroin into Forrest Hayes and then he keels over.
Facebook/ mugshot Santa Cruz PD

A prostitute is charged with the overdose death of a Google executive who was dying on his yacht as this escort stepped over him to gather her belongings and leave. 51-year-old Forrest Hayes was found dead on his 50-foot yacht by the captain, but the surveillance video showed what led up to his death, which was enough evidence to arrest escort Alix Tichelman, 26, reports MSN News on July 9.

Back in November when Hayes was found dead, the obituary of the Google executive was typical. A loving husband and father, who loved his family and his boat, the Escape. Then the surveillance video showed a date with a prostitute, the introduction of heroin and Hayes keeling over after an injection of the drug proved too much for his system.

Hayes could have been saved if this upscale prostitute had called 911, but instead she is seen gathering up her clothes, the needles and the drug as she steps over Hayes dying on the floor. She takes her last swig of wine, lowers the blinds and walks on deck to the dock and is soon out of sight, according to NBC News.

Now police have learned that this might not be the first time Tichelman has walked away from someone dying. It seems she may have played a part in another death under similar circumstances in another state. Santa Cruz Deputy Police Chief Steve Clark said that “There’s a pattern of behavior here where she doesn’t seek help when someone is in trouble.”

Hayes had hired Tichelman before and their encounter was mutual between two consenting adults this includes the use of heroin. While this news must be horrific for Hayes’ wife and five children to hear, it is what the surveillance video depicts as his last few hours of life.

According to ABC News, it is not clear if Hayes was a frequent drug user, but the video shows that he needed the prostitute's help when shooting up this drug. Clark said that Tichelman is a “high-end prostitute.” She lives three hours away and comes with a price tag of $1000.

Police arrested Tichelman by luring her in with an undercover cop posing as a potential client and willing to pay the $1000 to her for her service. She was seen injecting that fatal dose of heroin into Hayes arm and police say more charges may come along with the manslaughter charge she is being held on today.

Those last hours were spent with a prostitute doing drugs on board the family yacht. The prostitute injected Hayes with a dose of heroin and within seconds she was aware that something went very wrong, bu she didn't call for help. She took this as her exit call, stepped right over the dying man and left. She is currently being held on $1.5 million bail.

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