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Google changes font sizes but there is a good alternative

Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images

Effective March 13, 2014, Google began rolling out a new look for search results. While the visual change does not affect the search results, some might find the change not to their liking. However, the changes might be welcomed for many because the font sizes have been increased, which can be useful on smaller screens particularly on mobile devices. Additionally, the top of the search results page also more clearly identifies paid sponsors. Users might have an increased awareness that the placement of results was not solely based on a match with the keyword(s) search, but also based on a fee paid by the sponsor.

The increase in font size could result in more scrolling through results, which could annoy some users. Because so many people use the Google search engine as a preferred search tool, the change has sparked much discussion. While it would be hyperbole to say that there has been anything approaching an outcry, there is some dissatisfaction with the change. Change is not always warmly embraced, at least initially.

There is a solution for those that prefer Google search, and the previous font size/style of Google search results. Go to , which uses Google results, but is formatted in a compact style. For users that don’t appreciate the new font size of Google, might be a viable alternative.

A big plus for many users is that offers a significant level of search privacy. does not record the user IP address or record searches. Because user privacy has been a big issue of late, the privacy features might just be more attractive than the page layout and font size. Try it for yourself, and see it this is something of interest.