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Google Buzz launched, begining of the end for Facebook

Screen Shot of Google Buzz
Screen Shot of Google Buzz
AP Photo/Google Inc.

Enjoy using Facebook, but hate the disorganization of normal social networking. Well, Google certainly hopes so. Google has now launched Google Buzz, a social media tool integrated with Gmail. The thing that sets Buzz apart from Facebook is the ability to teach the software your interest.

Facebook is great way to share things with friends. And keeping tabs on everyone you know with the News Feed is just plain addicting. The problem is that there is more information than most people care about. Ever miss the update about your best friend being engaged because your feed is covered in Farmville updates? While Google Buzz is here to save the day with the ability to say what you want to hear about and what you don't

The real question is whether or not this will catch on. It doesn’t matter if it is the coolest software of all time, if your friends don’t use it neither will you. However, the chances are this will be the next big thing. The reason is that Google likes to play the game they invented called Google Wins. How do you play? First someone does something, then Google does it better and eventually completely takes over. Search engines, maps, email, and even cell phone OS.  Google WINS!

With Google Buzz they have more on their side than just  the usually Google determination to dominate, they already own the best compliment software on the market.   Picasa, Flickr, Google Reader, YouTube, Blogger, and Twitter are all on board.

So go ahead and make the switch, because it won’t be long before using Facebook is as out of fashion as MySpace.

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  • James 5 years ago

    I hardly agree with your sentiment here. End of facebook? Have you used Google Buzz enough to really say that?

    I understand your faith in Google's ability to "win" in a lot of ways but there moves in social networking haven't panned out historically.

    Also, if they are so great how come Gmail isn't the #1 web mail provider? They even provide a way to migrate all your old e-mail to Gmail, send e-mail as if from your old e-mail address and all that. So why isn't it #1?

    Be a little more conservative in your predictions and don't right headlines that are clearly for traffic purposes only.

  • James 5 years ago

    And I should have proof read....

    Their instead of there.

    Write instead of right.

  • under 25 5 years ago

    Myspace out of fashion? more like Facebook are for old people, hahaha!

  • Brad Haggadone 5 years ago

    The are many trends of past technology use that all point to Buzz being the next big thing. The biggest trends I looked at were the integration and the Jones effect. Technology is heading in the direction of total integration and google with its thumbs in so many different pies is in the best possible place for totally integrating your digital life. The other part is the idea that people feel the need to "Keep up with the Joneses" if people say something is the next big thing, it is regardless of whether or not it is better.

    Also, your point about gmail is a very valid concern. But take into account how much later gmail was started after yahoo and hotmail (the only two companies bigger in email providing). So far there was no reason to make the switch, buzz could be that reason.

    If the switch happens it will take time, but in 2-3 years I think Buzz will be top dog, at least until the next big thing comes along

  • Brad Haggadone 5 years ago

    Also, as far as myspace being for the younger crowd. That was true at first, because you had to be in college to get a facebook account. Since Facebook opened up to everyone a lot of people made the switch. I actually love a lot of things about myspace better, like custom pages. But I got this from newsweek "Facebook is more than double MySpace’s size worldwide, and in June finally took the lead in the United States. Once an archrivalry, this contest is kaput: “I really don’t view Facebook as a competitor,” MySpace CEO Owen Van Natta conceded recently, saying that his site will focus on entertainment content." Also the high schoolers of a few years ago are are no the college students of today, and there really is no reason for someone young to not get a facebook account instead anymore.

    Of course, you can always have both. Which is what most people have. Many of us just use Facebook more often, but it really comes down to you and your particular school or group of friends.

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