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Google announces new Pokémon Master position, Google Maps update

April Fool’s day came a little early at Google. On the company’s Japanese blog it announced that updated versions of Google maps for Android and iOS were available in order to help users “Catch ‘Em All.

Pokémon Google Maps update-slide0
Screen grab of app
Google released an update to Google Maps for April Fool's Day.
Kelsey Waananen

If you were a child growing up in the ‘90s or knew a child growing up in the ‘90s, of course you know this is a reference to the wildly popular Pokémon franchise.

The announcement said that mini-games are being released in conjunction with Google’s search to fill the job position of “Pokémon Master.”

So what’s the joke? All of this sounds awesome to me. The games are real; unfortunately the job is not. Sorry guys, we can’t inform our parents that all those hours spent on our Gameboys will pay off.

Or, if you’re into April Fool’s jokes, go ahead and play this one out. But only joke when you tell your parents you’ve quit your job to pursue your life’s work and passion.

To play the mini-games update the Google Maps app, click on the search bar at the top and take note of the little Pokéball that appears under the search bar. Press start where indicated.

The app then takes the user to the ever-familiar Pokélab. In the surrounding areas will be pokémon on the screen that users can catch by tapping the screen. Ta-da! The data is now entered into your pokédex.

Be expecting many more jokes to roll out from Google through tomorrow. The tech giant is well known for their participation, with several departments getting in on the fun.

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