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Google and Lansing, a future with fiber optic roots


After having changed the world and countless industries, it should come as no shock that Google continues to expand it’s operations. Did you know Google’s ad revenues in 2008 matched that of CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, and the CW combined? According to the book Googled by Ken Auletta, “Google can be the first media company to generate 100 billion dollars in revenues.” But why would they consider setting up shop in Lansing, other than the facts that Michigan continues to suffer economically and co-founder Larry Page was born and raised here?

Google’s worldwide organizing of searchable info is ambitious and beneficial. So is the foresight of our presidential and gubernatorial leadership. Consider The American Recovery And Reinvestment Act Of 2009 (Recovery Act). Signed into law by President Obama, this legislation is part of National Broadband Plan with the goal of benefiting all Americans. In support, Governor Granholm has already expressed the need for accessible broadband on YouTube, encouraging its accessibility and the role it plays in both state and national economic recovery. 

According to Joel Gurin, Chief of the Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau; the FCC’s National Broadband Plan (to be released on March 17) will offer greater insight into the matter: “The Plan will outline ways that online tools, labels, and other kinds of information can help consumers understand broadband speeds and choose the plans that work best for them. It will also address wireless broadband, where speeds can vary a lot by local coverage, and where consumers have many more providers to choose from.”

So what exactly is Google looking to establish in a city such as Lansing? The answer is the foundation for affordable broadband, specifically an advanced fiber optic network. According to TechCrunch, “The company [Google] plans to deploy its own “experimental” fiber-optic network to at least 50,000 homes, perhaps as many as 500,000. The fiber-optic network will deliver speeds of 1 gigabit-per-second, which is more than 20 times faster than residential fiber optic services offered today in the U.S….100 times faster than what most Americans have access to today.”

To show your support for Google to come to Lansing, join the Google Fiber for Lansing and East Lansing! Facebook Page


  • Jannie Funster 5 years ago

    Wow, I knew Google was THE giant, but those ad figures blow me away.

    I'll take some of that super-fast Internet, please and thanks!

    A real eye-opener,Adam!! Cool article.

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