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Google+ and Gmail now lets strangers email you

In a time when Internet safety seems to be a major issue, Google has launched a new feature that some believe compromises user privacy. According to an article published by Fox News on Jan. 10, Google announced Friday that a new Google+ and Gmail feature will allow strangers to email you without knowing your email address.

Google+ and Gmail now lets strangers email you
David Paul Morris/Getty Images

Fox News reports that Google is launching a new Google+ and Gmail feature that will allow anyone who has added you to one of their circles on the social network site to send an email to your personal email account. In short people who have both a Google+ account and a Gmail account will be able to send any of their connections an email without knowing their email address.

Google officials assure users that no one is actually seeing their email address until they send an email, but it is unclear if your email address will be shown if you reply to an email that is sent to you using this new feature. Either way, this knowledge is doing little to ease the fears of the users.

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