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Google and designer fashion brand Fossil join in wearable tech

Google and Fossil designer brand announced today that they will create with technology and fashion a designer brand smartwatch as a first step in this union of wearable tech trend, reports Mobile Commerce Press.

Newest Innovations In Consumer Technology On Display at 2014 International CES
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The chief strategy and marketing officer, Greg McKelvey, of the Texas-based Fossil released a statement to explain the creating wearable fashion rooted in twenty-first century technology, ‘we believe we are uniquely positioned to develop and bring to market products for our fashion customers that marry the beauty of our designs, the promise of our brands and now the function of new technology.’

The goal is to avoid designing clunky pieces that say technology but have no fashion accent. It must be a wearable design in fashion trend and smart use of the technology.

As fashion and technology are in the formative stage of development it is a challenge to design and create to make a statement. McKelvey is looking forward to this advancement for fashion enhancement with technology assistance.

As chief strategist and marketing officer of Fossil, McKelvey is surely aware of the numerous wearable tech pieces that are abandoned after six months according to a study by research from Endeavour Partners in the US. Also, the survey showed that one in 10 American adults own some form of activity tracker but half no longer use them.

So what is the reason for this abandonment of wearable tech? The Endeavour Partners research study revealed that people stopped using the devices because they saw no value or meaningful addition to their life and health. They simply became disengaged. Endeavour Partners developed a nine-step criteria in their study which included Adoptability, Design Aesthetics, Out-of-the Box experience, Lifestyle contribution, Comfort, Form factor, User experience and Utility overall and Integratability. The bottom line was that there must be value added to a life experience in order to use the wearable tech while being able to not be aware of an extra heavy piece that is in the way of mobility and efficiency.

Wearable tech has numberous opportunities the design fashion can meet practical function of use.

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