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Goofiest gifts found in Oscar swag bags award goes to Dropshades

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Even stupid-looking shades that light up are a thing of beauty to some, you think? Anyway, the swag slut is still digging through her Oscar suite gift bags and playing around and/or using the items. Just charged my Dropshades, the goofiest gift yet from Kathy Duliakas’ epic event that took place on Feb. 26, 2014 at Hollywood’s Taglyan Centre. I know, what’s taking me so long? Well the booty junkie’s got a lot to sift through.

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Anyhow you really must take a look at these goofy glasses that light up, after you charge them, in assorted colors (not sure if the photo will do them justice).

Anyhow according the brochure in the swag bag, “Dropshades are the world’s first audio responsive party glasses that light up to the beat of music. Incoming sound is translated across six horizontal LED’s that cascade up and down according t the beat of the music.” The effect is far out.

From what I can figure out Dropshades are best worn by young people at parties, concerts, raves or festivals who want to make a serious statement.

The shades cost $49.95 at