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Goodwill grows with recycling

Goodwill has always been a good option for recycling your unwanted goods when Spring cleaning time rolls around. Each year we clean out our closets, attics and storage buildings to make a trip to Goodwill for our unwanted items to be reused.

Now your donations of used electronic equipment to Goodwill may be refurbished and upgraded by employees in training. The program will primarily focus on computers and accessories to be resold to pay for job training and daily operations. Each year Goodwill accepts over 750,000 pounds of donated computers and accessories. Although some donated computers may be too outdated for newer software programs, employees can still learn using these donated items. Unusable parts are separated and sent for recycling to keep them out of local landfills while other parts such as video or sound cards may be sold individually.

The growing program began in California and is expanding throughout the United States. Dell has also partnered with Goodwill to help promote the program and now have 25 of the 40 Goodwill computer facilities working with the Dell Reconnect Program. The training allows the experienced workers to eventually find their way to a better paying job. Goodwill hopes to become a natural stop in the life cycle of computers to continually expand their program and remain current as technology advances. It’s another way Goodwill works to keep it going in the expanding world of recycling.


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