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Goodwill grenade: Staff finds grenade in store that's loaded and dangerous

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A Goodwill grenade is what the Winston-Salem Police Department had to contend with this week after someone apparently donated it to Goodwill. Inside the Goodwill collection box an employee of Goodwill found a grenade and authorities deemed it live and dangerous, according to The Inquisitr on Jan. 24.

The Hazardous Device Unit for the Winston-Salem Police Department was dispatched to 528 Waughtown Street to the secondhand store after the call came in. The Goodwill employee who called the police found the grenade inside the store, but it had come in with the items from a collection box.

The special unit from the police department found that the grenade was indeed live and very dangerous. They were able to get it out of the store safely. The investigation is underway trying to find out who put the grenade in the collection box.

Stories of odd finds have come out of Goodwill stores across the country in past years. This is not the first grenade found in a Goodwill collection box. Another one was found back in 2010 at another North Carolina Good will store, but the previous grenade was not live, it was an empty shell of a grenade.