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Goodreads is great for cataloging and finding good reads

Website and mobile app screenshots.
Website and mobile app screenshots.
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For avid readers, it's all about finding the next great book they can read and add to their shelf collection for years to come. However, for those readers, it's sometimes hard to remember all the books you want to read, have read (if they're not all on your shelf), or are reading currently (if you're a reading multi-tasker). That's where Goodreads comes in!

Although established in 2006, the site is still popular years later. Allowing "members" (it's free!) to catalog their book titles into "read", "want to read", and "reading" creates a space for essentially an online library system. And with the ability to rate your favorite or least favorite books, there are always suggestions as to what you may want to read next!

On top of being able to catalog your own books, by adding friends from your email or Facebook, you can see what your friends are reading. Who knows? Their books might interest you, too. And with over 20 million readers on the site, currently, there are endless possibilities to the books that can be read.

For more information about the history of the company, visit this site.

To sign up for your own free Goodreads account, click here.

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