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Goodnight, Texas to play album release show at The Chapel on Aug. 7.

Goodnight, Texas release “Uncle John Farquhar” on Aug. 5.
Goodnight, Texas release “Uncle John Farquhar” on Aug. 5.
Chasing Analog

The highly praised bicoastal Americana folk group Goodnight, Texas ( has finished their second full length album named “Uncle John Farquhar” and it will be released on Tuesday, Aug. 5. In celebration of this great achievement, Goodnight, Texas will be playing an album release show at The Chapel in the Mission District of San Francisco on Thursday, Aug. 7.

Goodnight, Texas started when main songwriters Patrick Wolf and Avi Vinocur met in San Francisco in 2007. After collaborating on a few songs, Wolf moved to Chapel Hill, North Carolina but the two kept in touch. In 2012, they rejoined and added a rhythm section and named themselves Goodnight, Texas (which is a tiny Texas panhandle town and the exact midpoint between their two homes of San Francisco and Chapel Hill). They also released their critically acclaimed debut album “A Long Life of Living” and hit the road for the next year and half. Now they have written and recorded “Uncle John Farquhar”. Falling in line with the historical inspiration of the Industrial Revolution for their first album, “Uncle John Farquhar” is an album that’s songs reflect on the nation’s past but focusing more on the Civil War and Reconstruction period. These songs encapsulate sentimental stories from a different time in this country expressed through foot stompin' tunes, elegant ballads and masculine anthems. During a time in the music industry when a lot of artists are releasing albums and singles, Goodbye, Texas is releasing a full length album with no fillers and not one song to be skipped over. Their first single "A Bank Robbers Nursery Rhyme" has premiered on Guitar World and CMT.

The Chapel is located at 777 Valencia Street and is a newly renovated mortuary with the previously existing chapel converted into a music room and mezzanine. The album release show on Aug. 7 is an all ages show with the doors opening at 8:00 p.m. and the music starting at 9:00 p.m. Goodnight, Texas limited edition signed posters will be available to purchase at the show. Also playing that night will be Strangevine and Ghost and Gale. The cost to attend is $15 and to purchase tickets in advance visit