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Goodie Mob reunion tour making a stop at Emo's in Austin on Saturday Jan 16


For those of you who know who Goodie Mob is, there is good news: they are officially back at it. News of a reunion circulated for months before it was actually finalized in the late fall of 2009 in their hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, when they performed during the middle of a Nelly concert. Even better news is that they have a new album coming out. And of course the best news is that they will be here, live at Emo's this Saturday night. 

If you are not, however, acquainted with Goodie Mob's music then the best way to describe it would be to use two words: "Dirty South". They were forerunners of the "Dirty South" movement in hip-hop, along with artists OutKast, Three-Six Mafia and Pastor Troy, to name a few. Goodie Mob's focus has always been a very soulful approach to their lyricism and rhythm alike, meaning slow rushing drums with trunk-fulls of bass and a certain moody social commentary to their verses. Their first couple of albums are the best examples of this, and particularly recommended is "Still Standing", their 1998 release which contained the track "Black Ice (Sky High)", which had the whole Southeastern section of the United States bouncing through the year 2000. You can hear that track on their myspace page here: Whether or not they'll get sky-high again is still yet to be seen. But hope is alive. 

Who: Goodie Mob // Zeale // Phranchyze

Where: Emo's Outdoor Stage

When: Sat Jan 16

Cost: $35 @ the door


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