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Goodbye Russell Stover

Sugarcane workers
Sugarcane workers
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The Swiss chocolate giant Lindt has just swallowed up the Russell Stover Company, heretofore located in Kansas City. In the United States.

So another American company bites the dust.

This column doesn’t like to brag but is somewhat of an expert on chocolate. Some important rules: one must not be swayed by price or fancy names or where the candy is sold.

Stover and the sister product Whitman’s- meh- is offered in drugstores and other pedestrian places.

But the boxes of dark assorted are excellent. Delicious. MMMMM.

So with such investor types like Mitt Romney not caring, RS jobs will be lost to the land of Nazi plunder.

Which brings the discussion to diabetes and modern day slavery.

Americans, nay so many people across the globe, are eating garbage. Chemicals. GMO’s and food-like products with virtually no nutritional value. Once upon a time, sneaking a dessert meant eating actual victuals. Now a mélange of additives are used instead of just sugar, flour, cream and other ingredients for occasional treats.

And sugar, or high fructose corn syrup is everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

Really, in relish?

Check out the ingredients in most canned, bottled or frozen foods. And the word food is used in the loosest of connotations.

Don’t even get this column started on coffee sundaes- whipped crème- again-really?

Or high sugar/sodium sports drinks. For a nation that barely moves.

Fast food? Forgetaboutit.

Well-made chocolate or real cakes and cookies could be a nice sweet diversion during days of eating well. Instead, too many people teeter from all you can eat, to fast food to processed meals and then a huge tray of desserts.

Now, the ingredients in baked goods are the least of the problems. Oh Hostess. Seriously, did we need to break the unions only to return with Twinkies? And lower wages for workers. Isn’t that snack cake enough of a blot on society?

Which brings us to groups of people who are not eating much of anything. Too many who are toiling in the sugarcane fields are virtual slaves. Ditto for people harvesting cocoa leaves. Their existence horrific.

As well as the struggles affecting the current employees of Russell Stover or the former workers of Hostess.

(Note this column is not comparing people forced into cane or cocoa fields with the victims of the new economy. But economic fear, pain and inequity are the common threads.)

How are the scions of the Mars family? - doing a lot better.

So, when yearning for something sweet after a day of fresh and raw and natural, look for Free Trade, real ingredients and a good company that doesn’t leave town (Russell Stover) or break up unions (Hostess).

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