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Good websites to share for family Christmas crafts

During the hectic Christmas season it can be difficult for working parents, time already severely taxed between the demands of work and home, to find time to spend just having fun with their children.  However, the internet is full of helpful websites that offer quick crafts combining handy templates and common household items. 

Do you have a paper plate handy?  Use these instructions from Enchanted Learning to make an adorable paper plate angel.  If you also have a pipe cleaner and some ribbon, you and your child can make this snowman.  If you happen to live near a pine tree, collect some pinecones, grab some green glitter, and try this pine cone christmas tree.   Coffee filters decorated with magic markers absorb tint very well, so they make a great basis for coffee filter ornaments.  Coffee filters also are almost ideal for creating paper snowflakes; since they are already round, and thinner than normal paper, you can create beautiful snowflakes simply by folding the coffee filter in half four times and then making a few careful cuts along the fold.

If cooking is more to your liking, try sharing some really easy recipes with your child, like this Brownie Pizza. You can even go here to visit the North Pole and learn some fun recipes from Mrs. Claus herself, like the Best Texas Christmas Cookies or, if you are in a Grinchy mood, the world's best - tasting Trash.

Enchanted Learning even has printable books that you can print, assemble together, and then read together every night before bed time.

It can be hard to set aside the time during the holidays, so remember - the craft doesn't need to be elaborate.  This handprint Christmas Wreath probably does not take more than half an hour to make, but the memory of making it together will stay with both you and your child as you take a moment to bond during the busiest season of the year.