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Good to Grill - Your BBQ solution

Wood-fired pork chops with tropical salsa, green salad and potato salad
Wood-fired pork chops with tropical salsa, green salad and potato salad
Camilla Carboni

The quick fix to any barbeque craving, Good to Grill serves up quite an assortment of gourmet meats, poultry, fish and sides (as well as pizza and pasta) at average dining prices (expect a range of $8 to $18).

Found at the Safeway Center on Kapahulu Ave in Kaimuki, Good to Grill belongs to the Formaggio family ( and you can be sure it maintains their standard.

Wood-fire grilled in front of you over flaming hot Hawaiian kiawe wood, the aromas are enticing and the ambience sizzling. After placing your order, you can seat yourself at an eat-in table, or grab dessert at Safeway if you plan on to-go dining (not that Good to Grill doesn’t offer great desserts as well). In fact, they have all one could dream of for a fully rounded barbeque feast; juicy corn on the cob, creamy potato salad and garlic bread included.

Mix and match your preferences or go with a plate or combo meal, which include two sides to accompany your protein choice. Meal options range from Hibachi Chicken, to Teriyaki Rib Eye Steak, to Grilled Salmon and Lamb Chops; all of which are extra meaty, cooked to perfection, and lip smackingly tasty.

I am particularly fond of the tropical salsa that comes with the pork chops; it is both tangy and sweet, fruity and spicy; and the balsamic reduction salad dressing (a Formaggio family staple) always makes it worthwhile ordering a salad.
Really, everything is of excellent quality and for a barbeque alternative it certainly has the home-cooked, healthy-as-possible, clean-cut, not-overly-processed-and-sauced, traditional wood-fired style. It’s quick but humble, barbeque deliciousness!

Time to lick your chops and head to Good to Grill.
BBQ hours are 11am to 10pm Monday’s through Friday's, 11:30am to 10pm on Saturday’s and 11:30am to 9:30pm on Sunday’s.
Breakfast is also served between 8am and 10:30am weekdays and until 11am on weekends.

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  • Keanu 5 years ago

    Hey so my mates & I got a place to get a meal tonight. Gonna let you know if we agree with your review. Must say you always rather good.

  • Keanu 5 years ago

    We all agreed, your review was right. We all had a tasty meals & will go again. Good value & lots of choice. Thanks for the suggestion Camilla. Your advice is always reliable

  • Peter 5 years ago

    Thanks for the feedback Keanu. It's good to have an independent source confirm that the reviewer is spot on and can be trusted. I'll mosey on over there as soon as I am in the neighbourhood.

  • Camilla Carboni 5 years ago

    Thanks Keanu and Peter - always great to hear feedback from readers. I'm glad you enjoyed it Keanu, and Peter, I hope you do too! Keep reading and responding! Camilla

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