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Good thoughts can help you travel light

Travel Light : Take time to see God's handiwork
Travel Light : Take time to see God's handiwork
Shenica Graham

AM I MOVING TOO FAST? If I take time to notice, I can see God’s handiwork. However, it is all too easy to spend an entire day running from one care of the world to the next, whilst I risk allowing my praises to God to fizzle until there I have no joy left. Here are missed opportunities to run with God in a lifetime view, by shortening vision to a “sometime” view. Some would say that crossing the finish line - like heaven at last, will certainly be a glorious triumph. Yet, God is perfectly willing to give victory in this life, if we take time to run with Him now.With the world moving at the speed of imagination itself, it is easy to get swept away with gadgets and time demands that keep taking a slice out of our “quiet time”. What’s more, the giving heart is often so unaccustomed to denying others’ requests that he (or she) feels neglectful when at last the answer must be, “No.”

Have you been working on something BIG, which keeps getting interrupted? The phone keeps ringing. The email box is a bottomless list. The mail just “IN” has its own ZIP. And another one cries; and is that dinner [almost] on fire?; and another day bites the proverbial dust. The twenty-third hour never seems to stretch far enough. And here you are just one person, right? Not exactly.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, determine whether you can do what you “need” to do; and take a break; or delegate. Even in serving the Lord, God does not want you to burn out. His oil of joy (Hebrews 1:9) is to keep your lamp shining no matter what challenges you face – even (and perhaps especially,) in dark places. If you do “need” to do this or that,” you are not just a person working alone.

Understand that an anointing is a divine empowerment to do whatsoever the Lord has given you His anointing for. If you do not need to do what you are doing, do you also feel that your light is not shining as it should be? Now here is where I talk to myself. Careful, now. Be sure that your answer is not mere jealousy from a fancy shoebox. Sometimes our heart – easily biased to our comfort – guides us to the notion that our missed opportunities are not the result of any lacking discipline, or immaturity, or misunderstanding, and certainly not (God forbid) pure laziness; but tells us that we are not in any possible place to use our gifts because someone or something else is hindering us and there is nothing that we can do to change that. Ouch. I had to pry that one off with a shoe horn.

Better to have a bare foot than a broken tow – can’t get the job done because there is no anointing to pull the weight (been there too).

If and when we are truly hindered by externals, the weariness felt for the mundane could be the prompting of the Lord to illuminate a better use of the tool(s) He has provided. This is an amazing avenue for improving a faith walk. Opportunities to seek God for guidance are also times to grow closer which will always be helpful when facing tough choices.

Dare I say that more hours in the day may not solve the world's ills? If you feel like you need a hero just to get through the day (as I sometimes have) – Apply within. There is a door.

Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. Jeremiah 29:11

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