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Good sleep habits can help preppers to thrive –II

High quality, adequate sleep helps to keep people functioning at their best.
High quality, adequate sleep helps to keep people functioning at their best.
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In the first article on this topic, the discussion was about some methods of avoiding insomnia. The article you now are reading will further discuss foods, products, and habits that can help to promote sleep.

Why is it so important for preppers to avoid insomnia, especially during a disaster? One reason is that insomnia increases the chances of accidents . An example of an accident would be falling asleep while driving.

Another reason to avoid insomnia is that sleep deprived preppers will not be as effective as leaders of their families during disasters. For example, the effects of sleep deprivation include:

  1. Forgetfulness.
  2. Impaired judgment.
  3. Depression.

One way to fight insomnia is to eat, one hour before bedtime, small, healthy, bed time snacks such as:

  1. Walnuts, almonds, or pistachio nuts.
  2. Dairy products such as milk or cheese.
  3. Meat such as turkey.
  4. Chamomile tea or pills.

There also are products that can help to promote sleep, including:

  1. White noise machines that have relaxing sounds such as the ocean surf, rain, and summer night sounds.
  2. Sleep masks to block out light.
  3. Aromatherapy.
  4. Relaxing music.

Examples of habits that can help preppers to sleep better include the avoidance of late night:

  1. TV viewing.
  2. Web surfing.
  3. Overexposure to other bright lights.
  4. Phone calls.
  5. Binge drinking.
  6. Binge eating.

Fighting insomnia should not start just before bedtime. Keeping stress levels as low as possible during the day makes it easier for preppers to unwind enough to sleep quickly and well at night.

If a preppers already are sleep deprived when they encounter a disaster, they will already be suffering from the effects of sleep deprivation. Also, their poor sleep habits would be compromised even more than good sleep habits would be compromised. Thus, preppers need to view sleep habits to be as important as are prepper skills and equipment.

Establishing good sleep habits will result in positive benefits before, during, and after any disaster. Even if a prepper is lucky enough to never encounter a disaster, good sleep habits will still help preppers to avoid the negative physical and mental, long term consequences of poor sleep habits. Take the time and effort to establish good sleep habits.

How would you rate your sleep habits? Please comment below.

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