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Good skin and how to get it

Outside of good genes and a stress free life, how does one handle aging skin? Basically, it comes down to sun protection, gentle skin cleansing, and being smoke-free. These are life-long commitments that need to begin very young.

Recommendations such as these are known to many, though often they are not followed because skin damage shows up long after the sunburn or the zit-picking one does at 13. A tan looks and feels great when one is younger, but get one repeatedly over the years and the body will not be able to repair the damage. Popping pimples is almost mandatory to one’s psyche. Popping the wrong pimples creates an invasive scar that will never heal properly.

So again, it is all about balance.

When it comes to sun, use a sun screen of at least 15. Seek shade when the rays are strongest: between 10am and 4pm. Wear clothing that will offer some form of protection so that skin exposure will be minimized.

Skin care needs to be skin appropriate. If a person uses creamy products when the skin is oily or astringent products on dry or dehydrated skin, the protocol will not yield the desired results for which the person bought a new product in the first place. Furthermore, adding new products will not fix bad habits such as smoking.

Smoking constricts blood vessels. Constricted blood vessels deplete the skin of nutrient-rich oxygen. When nutrition does not reach the skin, collagen and elastin breakdown. Moreover, the repetitive muscle contractions that are common to the habit—the pursing of lips and squinting of eyes—will contribute to wrinkles in those areas.

Take a look in the mirror. What reflects back today is not the end result forevermore.

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