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Good Samaritans seek homes for lost and abandoned pets

Bibb County has many kind-hearted, animal-loving residents, as evidenced by the life-saving efforts at Macon Animal Control, donors paying for low-cost spay/neuter surgeries and rabies shots from Atlanta Humane Society's mobile clinic, and donors helping residents adopt dogs and cats.

Danish and Apple were found abandoned at a young age.
Courtesy of Jenna Marie
This is an American bulldog with a bum right hip. He'll need to be checked by a vet. Contact me at
Lynnette Spratley

Other residents also have big hearts, if not big wallets. Many residents report taking in lost, possibly abandoned, puppies and dogs, cats and kittens to keep these animals from being killed on Macon's busy streets.

In some cases, the owners are located and joyful reunions result. In other cases, the Good Samaritan holds the pet rather than take it to Animal Control, which is always overcrowded, and risk having it put to sleep. But keeping the pets while looking for a good, permanent home is expensive and, when the Good Samaritan's own pets object to the newcomer, stressful.

The animals' temporary guardians almost always foot the entire bill for the animals' care and do not receive any assistance for the animals. Rescues and others in the vast Facebook network of rescuers and crossposters help when they can.

Watch our slideshow of Apple and Danish, two beautiful young dogs rescued by Good Samaritan Jenna Marie a few months ago. These pups are currently looking for permanent homes.

If you would like to adopt Apple or Danish, contact Jenna Marie via her Facebook page, or send her an e-mail.

Macon has begun to knit itself into a strong community of animal advocates that help and support one another to help and support homeless pets. Knitting individuals like these Good Samaritans into this fabric is a natural step in that process.

We'll feature other Good Samaritan dogs or cats for adoption as time and available information permits.


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